New Users – Something went wrong error

Have you setup a new user and that user is receiving the following message when logging in for the 1st time? Could not open the ‘XXXXXX’ company. Access is denied to company.

Setting up new users might cause security conflicts if the new user is restricted to specific entities. The Administrator will potentially need to follow these steps of action to gain the desired access and security to the system.

Initial Set-up of User

In assigning permission Sets it may be necessary for to allow the user SUPER as a temporary step in setting up the user. Leave the Company column blank to assign SUPER permission across companies

First Time User Login

By providing “Super” user permissions, the user should gain access to Business Central without issue. The User then needs to switch from the company where they are currently logged in, to a company the user will have access to in the production environment. They can toggle to a new company by selecting the “My Settings” page and switching the Companies field by using the ellipsis at the right side of the Company line. This will open a drop down list that the user can then select another Company.

Select any company other than the one that the user was logged into, typically the top one in the list and click OK.

User Log Out

The user should click on the person icon in the upper right corner of the screen and click Sign Out.

Remove Super User Access

The system administrator can now remove Super user permissions. Navigate to the User permissions page for the Click on the vertical ellipsis, select delete line.

New User Log Back In

Have the New User Log Back in. The user should gain access now to their personal or group permissions and assigned Companies.

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