When ‘Export to Excel’ Doesn’t Work

The “Export to Excel” feature that’s been in many Microsoft Dynamics 365 versions is a useful tool that allows users to export the contents of a form grid to an Excel workbook. This feature allows users to get specific AX data into a spreadsheet format where Excel functions can be used. Some users also may be more comfortable and familiar with using Excel for data analysis.

When Dynamics 365 for Operations is installed, there may be some unseen difficulty when first trying to use Export to Excel. For some users, the dropdown from the Office icon in the D365 toolbar may only show “No options” when clicked:

If you encounter this, navigate to System Administration > Setup > Office app parameters:

Once the form loads, on the “App parameters” tab, click the “Initialize app parameters” button and accept the pop-up message. After the process completes, there’ll be a new record in the grid with an App ID:

Close your browser and reload the Dynamics 365 for Operations environment. The Export to Excel functionality now will appear when clicking the Office icon on the D365 toolbar in the internet browser:

Note:  In some instances, the browser may need to be closed and reopened twice after initializing the app parameters for the Export to Excel feature to properly function.

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