How to Handle Inactive Employees on PTE Timesheet Status Report

The impending solar eclipse surely indicates something spooky’s happening in the cosmos. It’s affected my life by way of three different Microsoft Dynamics GP clients all moving from Business Portal (PDK) to the built-in Employee Self-Service and Project Time and Expense (PTE) functionality of GP 2016 R2.

Learn more about the new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2:  Project Accounting PTE Timesheet Status Report here.

The report is a pivotal part of managing PTE timesheets and a welcome improvement to the PTE module. However, there’s a glaring problem that makes it impossible to use in larger GP implementations. The PTE timesheet status report pulls all employees regardless of their active/inactive status. Right now, there’s no way to filter the inactive users from the report. My clients obviously weren’t happy with Microsoft’s out-of-the-box solution.

After some research, I located the stored procedure used in generating the report. A quick modification will allow you to restrict the report to active employees. Be sure to have backups any time you directly make changes in structured query language (SQL). The name of the stored procedure and added SQL code are listed below.

stored procedure : PTE_FillTimesheetWFStatusData

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