Missing Values? Rebuild Your Data Mart in Management Reporter 2012

Nothing is more frustrating than generating a report and noticing there are entire periods showing zero activity. This issue seems to be more common when dealing with large volumes of imported data; in addition, older versions of Management Reporter (MR) seem to suffer more than newer service packs. Anyone experiencing these issues should look into upgrading to the newest release version of MR in addition to rebuilding the Data Mart.

Rebuilding the Data Mart is a fairly simple process—the main item you will need is the SA account password. Note:  If you use a separate account for the MR integration, you will use those credentials instead of the SA account.

First, open the Management Reporter Configuration Console and click on the “ERP Integrations” tab on the left side. If you have an active integration, you will see the details in the right pane. Click the “Remove” button to disable the current integration.


Next,  click “Create New Integration” to see the screen below. Select Microsoft Dynamics GP Data Mart and click “Next.”


Third, you will need to enter the appropriate credentials for the integration. Note:  The Dynamics GP integration uses the Dynamics database, while the Data Mart connection uses the DDM database.


Last, you will need to enable the integration. Go to the “ERP Integration” tab on the left and click “Enable Integration.”


After the process, you can open report designer and generate a new version of your report to verify the missing balances are now included. If you are a BKD client and need assistance rebuilding your Data Mart, please contact our Support Center at GPsupport@bkd.com or call 877.BKD.SPRT.

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One thought on “Missing Values? Rebuild Your Data Mart in Management Reporter 2012

  1. avatarThomas Ringsma

    Is there a way to create a ‘sa’ like account to use for creating the data mart? I’ve been trying various options but nothing seem to connect to the Dynamics db.

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