Favorite Third-Party Products (According to Consultants)

Although we GP consultants may not be “salespeople” in the traditional sense, all consultants “sell.”  When we are at a client site and see a need, we might suggest an additional module, a change to process or configuration or even a third-party product solution from an independent software vendor (ISV).  Microsoft Dynamics GP is fortunate to have a solid, long-standing and varied ISV community.  Many of the prominent names have been in business for decades and have developed well-integrated, reliable and essential add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

So, what makes a great ISV?  From a consultant’s viewpoint, we want products that:

  1. Meet a common need (just specialized enough)
  2. Are priced relative to their functionality (not overcharging for a small tweak)
  3. Are documented well (especially when it comes to configuration selections)
  4. Have excellent support (so that clients don’t feel ping-ponged between the ISV and us/Microsoft)

Over the years, the ISV market for GP has grown exponentially, especially when you factor in products that “can” integrate—meaning they were not specifically developed for Dynamics GP.  So I thought it might be helpful to list some of the third-party products we factor into solutions time and again.

Before purchasing a third-party product, you should see a demo to ensure the product meets your specific needs.  We do not endorse the following products, but provide them as a reference list of possible solutions based on our experience. They include:

  • Mekorma MICR
    • www.mekorma.com
    • Print the MICR line on checks, but also add additional layers of signature printing and security to your check processing.
  • Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management
    • www.binarystream.com
    • Manage multiple companies within a single Dynamics GP database, including balancing of due to/due from accounts, centralizing AP processing and filing payroll for multiple EINs.
  • Greenshades Payroll Electronic Filing
    • www.greenshades.com
    • File state and federal taxes (and 1099s) electronically from within Dynamics GP.  Greenshades also has W-2 print/mail services and an employee portal for pay stubs and W-2s.
  • Nodus Credit Card Solutions
    • www.nodus.com
    • This vendor offers PCI-compliant credit card processing solutions integrated with Dynamics GP to allow for credit card payments on documents in GP to be sent to your processor.

If you are a BKD client and are interested in the solutions noted above, or want to discuss how a third-party product might address your needs, please email gpsupport@bkd.com.

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Third-Party Products (According to Consultants)

  1. avatarSteve Schimpff

    We have a number of customers that use MS Dynamics for their accounting and Bassets eDepreciation for their FA accounting.

    We currently have an old customer of eDepreciation that purchased the MS Dynamics and the FA module. How that they have used the FA module for a little more than one year. They want to come back to Bassets for their fixed asset management.

    Call me and we can schedule a wed demo over GoToMeeting.

    Steve Schimpff
    413-243-8940 (Monday, Thursday & Friday)
    201-995-9500 (Tuesday & Wednesday)

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