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Previously, we created a video describing how to create a secure reports link in Management Reporter 2012. With Management Reporter 2012 UR3 and later, those report links actually will open the report in a Web viewer—no additional installation needed. The same security applies, based on the corresponding reports library location, and users can still export the report to Excel or XPS if needed, but the Web viewer also provides additional functionality. This presents the option to access reports outside of the installed Report Viewer client.

As a refresher, you can specify a shared (UNC) network or SharePoint location for the publication of the report link. This is done on the “Output and Distribution” tab of the report definition.


Note the security for the report link is derived from the corresponding Reports Library location. So users accessing the report link still must be set up in Management Reporter as users with the appropriate security to open the link.

When you generate the report, the link also will be generated in the designated location.


When the user opens the link, it will automatically open in the Web viewer.


The report in the Web viewer has a lot of features similar to those in the Report Viewer. For example, you can still drill down on rows.


You also can access the Reporting Tree if the report contains one; it will be in the bottom left-hand corner. When you click on a row, you can choose to add a comment to the report version. Comments entered in the Web viewer are viewable in the Report Viewer and vice versa for the report version.


In addition, quick links are dynamically generated based on description and calculated rows in the report; they allow you to easily jump to specific sections of the report. To access the quick links, click the “Go To” button in the bottom right-hand corner.


The “Show” button allows you to hide/show the Charts and Comments pane, as well as the Header and Footers. Remember that although you can enter comments in the Web viewer, the only charts available are those entered in the Report Viewer; at this time, chart creation is not available in the Web viewer. Use the “Zoom” button to change the display magnification for the report, and the “Download” button can be used to open the report in XPS, Excel or in the Report Viewer client.

The Web viewer requires no additional installation and allows users to access full-featured reports without the additional installation of the Report Viewer. The Web viewer does require the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10, Chrome 22.0.1229.79 or newer, Firefox 14.01 or newer or Safari 5.1 or newer (on Apple iOS only). For more information about the Web viewer and Management Reporter 2012, BKD clients can contact


7 thoughts on “Management Reporter Web Viewer

  1. avatarAlex M.

    Christina, thank you for this post. Do you know, is there a way to configure Reporter Web Viewer to use https? Can’t find this option in installation documentation.

    1. avatarChristina Phillips

      I have not come across a way, as the security comes from the validation with the SQL server (the user accessing the link must be an MR user with access to the report for the web viewer to open).

  2. avatarScott P. Dann

    Christina, is there a way to get better print funcionality from the web viewer? My balance sheet prints out as two pages instead of one.

    Also is there a way to view part of a group report in Report Viewer, or do I have to go through the web browser?

    1. avatarChristina Phillips

      To my knowledge, the format should be controlled through the row format and the page breaks and margins set on the report definition.

  3. avatarCathy Poyner

    I noticed that you do not have the Publish & Refresh buttons. How did you disable them? Thank you for all your posts. They have really been helpful.

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