BKD’s Dynamics GP Twitter Tips Compilation – Part 2

Continuing our compilation, here are some more tips from our Microsoft Dynamics GP Twitter account (@gpinsights). This article contains tips 26 through 50. We hope you enjoy.

  1. Need to record cash back from a vendor? Record a return with a cash amount—Trx-Purch-Trx Entry.
  2. Track special journal entries (integrations, audits) with custom source docs. Tools | Setup | Posting | Source Documents
  3. Back up your budget. Cards | Financial | Budget, select Budget, select Excel button, Export!
  4. Create Parent/Child customer relationships for payments, statements, agings—Cards | Sales | National Accounts.
  5. Increase the number of default SmartList records returned. Admin Page | Setup | System | SmartList Options
  6. Add a shortcut, click File | Add To Shortcuts on a window. Now they appear on your Home Page Nav Pane!
  7. Click “Customize this page” in the upper right-hand corner of your home page to personalize it.
  8. Drag a shortcut into the Start folder on your Nav Pane to launch it automatically when you log in.
  9. Inquiry | Financial | Account Rollup to create your own summarized inquiries with drilldown!
  10. Import your budget from Excel! Cards | Financial | Budget | Excel Button
  11. Have you linked your SQL reports to appear in GP? Admin Page | Setup | System | Reporting Tools Setup
  12. Deploy your Excel reports from there, too! Admin Page | Setup | System | Reporting Tools Setup
  13. Trx-Financial-Batches, mark Clear Recurring Amounts to reset entries in recurring batches to all zeros!
  14. Use Multicurrency? Inquiry | Financial | Currency Summary
  15. Create your own sales inquiries! Inquiry | Sales | Sales Range Inquiry/Restrict Sales Documents
  16. Do you use Word Templates? They’re easy to configure and modify. Reports | Template Maintenance, Template Configuration.
  17. Settings for currency translation in Management Reporter. Cards | Financial | Account Currencies, Currency Translation Type field
  18. Do you know what your audit trails mean? Assigned to each posting, defined in Tools | Setup | Posting | Audit Trail Codes.
  19. Right-click on a Management Reporter report in the Report Viewer to show versions of the report.
  20. Display the vendor, customer, employee ID for a bank transaction in SmartList, add the CMLinkID column.
  21. Want to see your layers of perpetual inventory? Inquiry | Inventory | Receipts
  22. Transfer orders using criteria like Line Shipping Method. Transactions | Sales | Transfer Multiple Orders
  23. General ledger detail organized by source! Reports | Financial | Cross Reference | Source Document
  24. Track statistical values for reporting and analysis. Cards | Financial | Unit Accounts
  25. Easily manage groups of accounts on reports in Management Reporter. Edit | Manage Dimension Sets

Follow BKD’s Dynamics GP group on Twitter at @gpinsights for more tips to keep your work life running more smoothly. For assistance, contact BKD’s Dynamics GP Support Center or email gpsupport@bkd.com.


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