Key Settings When Using Human Resources with Payroll

If you are using the Human Resources module with the Payroll module in Microsoft Dynamics GP for benefit enrollment, there are two key options that affect how the setup and enrollment process works. The Human Resources setup for benefits is defined under Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Human Resources | Benefits and Deductions, and the enrollment is handled under Cards | Payroll | Employee Benefits.

Before we talk about these options, it might be worthwhile to walk through how the benefit portion of Human Resources integrates with Payroll. When you initially set up a benefit in Human Resources, the corresponding records can be configured in Payroll. The same process occurs when you enroll an employee in Human Resources; the corresponding records can be configured in Payroll as well. It’s important to realize that these records always are going to be maintained in both places—Payroll and Human Resources. But it is the Payroll records that are used when actually processing payroll. Consider the following mapping:

In general, these records are initially created in Human Resources and then rolled down to Payroll. There are, however, utilities to assist you if records were first set up in Payroll, although in my opinion, this is not a process you would want to use regularly (Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Utilities | Human Resources | Reconcile).

Now back to those options.

The first option is located on the user setup window, Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | System | User. If the option for “Payroll View for Human Resources” is marked, when a user sets up a benefit record or enrolls an employee, the record will be rolled down to Payroll. If this option is unmarked, the roll down will not occur.

User Setup Window

Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | System | User

The second option deals with the actual roll down. Do you want the roll down to happen silently, meaning that when you save the Human Resources record, the Payroll record is automatically created with no intervention from you? Some folks don’t like this approach, as they want confirmation the roll down did occur or they need to modify settings only available on the Payroll record.

Benefit Preferences Window

Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Human Resources | Benefits and Deductions | Benefit Preferences

If the “Automatically Update Payroll Benefits & Deductions” option is marked, when you save a Human Resources record, the Payroll record is automatically created with no intervention from the user. If the option is unmarked, when you save a record, you will be prompted to roll down the setup to the Payroll module.

If you choose “Yes,” the corresponding Payroll window(s) will open, and a message will warn you that the Payroll record also must be saved for the setup to be complete.

If you choose “No,” the setup in Payroll will not be completed.

So these two options can have a significant impact on how/if records from Human Resources roll down to Payroll. If you have any questions, or need assistance with configuring Benefits and Deductions in Payroll and Human Resources, please contact BKD’s Dynamics GP support center at

6 thoughts on “Key Settings When Using Human Resources with Payroll

  1. avatarHoward Joslin

    Hello, excellent post.

    Here’s one for you. I’m using the HR Recon tool and getting a bunch of “Waived” benefit codes showing up on the report. I’ve only setup a HR Benefit–no PR deduction or PR benefit.

    The bottom line is that I would like to get them off the report. I’ve try updating the Type of Code and Completion Status field, but to no avail.

    Have you run into this before.

    1. avatarChristina Phillips

      Honestly, Howard, I have found that the Waived status causes me more heartache than not setting up the HR benefit at all when an employee doesn’t have it/elect it. You might try just adding a restriction to the report to eliminate those with a status of waived (I am talking theoretically, I have not looked at the report). Have you reported this to Microsoft? As it almost seems like it would qualify as a quality report? Feel free to email me at if you want to chat/brainstorm some ideas.


  2. avatarJulie Adamik

    We often have a situation where we have over deducted an insurance premium and need to make a refund to the employee. Our payroll department tells us we have to go in and change the amount of the deduction so a refund is calculated and then remember to go back in befor the next payroll Erin and change the deduction back. This doesn’t seem right to me. Is there a better and easier way to do this?

    1. avatarChristina Phillips

      Yes, if you want to change the deduction amount (for example, to correct for overwithholding) then you would need to do that. Alternatively, you could set an annual maximum, and it would automatically cap out at the maximum (but then effectively not refunding them until the last payroll of the year).

  3. avatarJoan Ludwg

    The client, using GP2013, had HR registered but did not have payroll registered when they entered all of their HR benefits and deductions and enrolled their employees in HR.

    Today we checked and registered payroll so now all of the payroll windows are available.

    I went to benefit preferences and DID NOT check the field for automatically rolling down the benefits and deductions. However, the payroll widows are NOT popping up for them to complete the payroll side of the setup. I also tried checking the box to automatically set up the deduction and benefit and it did not do that either. It is like that field is not working at all.

    Anyone have any ideas? They have already set up all of their deductions and benefits in HR and enrolled all of their employees in HR. The HR reconcile did not fix anything just gave them the report. They did not want to have to do double work in setting up and enrolling on the payroll side and this won’t work for future benefit deduction changes if it is not going to roll down.

    Checked this on my GP2015 image and got the same results

    I have the box checked in user set up and I do not have the box set up in benefit preferences because I want the windows to pop up to prompt me to complete the taxes, etc. I still cannot get the benefit setup to roll down and work with payroll.

    The user has power user rights so they should have access to everything.

    Any ideas?


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