Revenue and Expense Deferral in Dynamics GP

Date: November 4, 2011

The Revenue and Expense Module in Dynamics GP allows you to defer revenue and expenses over time based on a predefined schedule or a schedule based on a transactions entered. In this presentation, Christina Phillips, BKD supervising consultant, demonstrates how to setup and post revenue and expenses in Dynamics GP.


4 thoughts on “Revenue and Expense Deferral in Dynamics GP

  1. avatarLauri

    Hi Christina, Have you ever had experience deferring expenses for projects – using Microsoft Dynamics GP with Project Accounting? Thank you.

  2. avatarRon McVicar

    I want to pay the credit card vendor on statement, then I want to later enter or import my vendor credit card transactions to the specific vendord to which the purchase were made e.g., KFC, Lowes, Uniform vendord, etc. then somehow reconcile these payables, apply them against the already paid credit card. Is this crazy or possible. Will Deferrals help with this? Your throughs on this are appreciated. Thanks.

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