Defining SmartList Options in Dynamics GP

Sometimes a window seems “hidden” in the system, in a place where you don’t stumble across it very often. The SmartList Options window is one of those windows; it is hidden on the Administration page, under Setup and System.

SmartList Options Window

Microsoft Dynamics GP Menu | Tools | Setup | System | SmartList Options

You can use the SmartList Options window to change several default settings for SmartList, such as the default window that opens when you double-click on a record. To make this change, simply select the SmartList using the Category drop-down menu.

Then select the window that should open when you double-click on a record by choosing the window in the Default Go To drop-down menu. For example, you might prefer the Summary Inquiry window to open after double-clicking an account in the Accounts SmartList.

You can also change the default number of records returned when you access a SmartList. Just modify the Maximum Records value to change the default number of records returned.

Additionally, you can mark or unmark the fields that should appear (or not appear) in the default SmartList. For example, you might want to not display Posting Type by default but would like to include Main Account Segment. Also note the arrow keys to the far right, which can be used to move fields up and down in the display.

There also are two options that can influence the default settings when using the Search button in SmartList.

The first option is the mark the “Match Case” checkbox automatically in the Search window; this will cause the search to only return results that match the criteria exactly (e.g., uppercase or lowercase characters). If the option is cleared, you will still have the option to mark “Match Case” when using the Search window, but it won’t be marked by default.

The second option determines whether the “Match Case” option is available in the Search window in SmartList. If you prefer the option not to be available, clear this box.

Keep in mind, all of the settings specified in SmartList Options are systemwide and will impact all companies that use SmartList. For assistance in configuring these settings, or for questions about SmartList, please contact our Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Center at

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