Checklist for Year-End Preparation in Dynamics GP

  1. Review the posting types of your GL accounts to ensure they are correct.
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP >> SmartList >> Financial >> Accounts
    • Ensure your maximum records are set high enough to include all accounts (click the “Search” button to change).
    • Check that accounts are properly set as either Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss; this will impact how the account closes at year-end. Update any accounts that are set up incorrectly, keeping in mind that if you have closed prior years there may be other adjustments that need to be made (contact for assistance, if needed).
  2. Clean up any “stuck” batches.
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Routines >> Batch Recovery
    • Investigate and recover any stranded batches that appear in Batch Recovery.
    • When a batch is recovered, you will need to review the results to ensure the posting is correct.
  3. Verify your 1099 vendors.
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP >> SmartList >> Purchasing >> Vendors
    • Click “Columns” to add the 1099 Type and Tax ID Number fields to the view.
    • Click “Search” to restrict your search by 1099 Type or to increase the number of vendor records returned.
    • Confirm that the appropriate vendors are configured as 1099 and that they have tax ID numbers displayed.
    • If you locate vendors that were not properly set up as 1099, click here or contact
  4. Update to the latest service pack if you haven’t already.
    • Check CustomerSource for the latest by clicking here.
    • Contact if you need assistance.
  5. Run pre-emptive file maintenance.
    • Make a backup of your company database.
    • No users should be working in the system.
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Maintenance >> Check Links
    • Perform for each series and print the error log for reference.
    • Contact with any errors or for assistance.
  6. Plan ahead! Watch for important communications from Microsoft and BKD in November and December to help prepare for year-end.

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