Forgetful? Post Dated Pay Rates Can Help!

My husband told me the other night I really shouldn’t park my car in front of a sewer drain. When I asked him why, he said, “Well, you know, you are sort of clumsy and you might forget it was there and drop something down it.” I feigned shock at his criticism, but secretly I knew he was right. In fact, I am the master of lists just to compensate for my forgetfulness. That’s why I love Post Dated Pay Rates in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll.

Over the years, I’ve visited many payroll departments, only to find sticky notes plastered around a monitor to remind the user of changes for future payrolls. Users make the changes between payrolls, which can lead to mistakes during a time crunch—especially those folks who are unlucky enough to have weekly payrolls!

Post Dated Pay Rates allows you to enter pay code rate changes in advance of the actual change and simply activate the rate change prior to the payroll it affects.

There are two windows involved in this process. First, let’s look at the setup:

Employee Post-Dated Pay Rates Window

Cards | Payroll | Post-Dated Pay Rates

You can set up a post-dated pay rate for an employee by selecting the employee ID and pay code; then enter the new pay rate, effective date and reason for change. Click “Save.” If you’ve selected a pay code that is the base for other pay codes, you’ll be asked if you want to roll down the change to the other pay codes.

Once the post-dated pay rate is saved, you can return to this window to review pending records and delete them if needed. In order to activate a post-dated pay rate, you need an additional step in your payroll process:

Activate Employee Post-Dated Pay Rates

Transactions | Payroll | Activate Post-Dated

Before entering transactions for your payroll (Transactions | Payroll | Transaction Entry) and building the payroll (Transactions | Payroll | Build Checks), you must activate any post-dated pay rate transactions that apply to the payroll being processed. Enter the range of effective dates you want to activate or view, then click “Redisplay.” Post-dated pay rates effective in the date range specified will be displayed. Mark the activate checkbox for those you want to apply and click “Process.” The corresponding pay code records will then be updated (Cards | Payroll | Pay Code) automatically.

Any post-dated pay rates not activated will remain in the system to be activated for subsequent payrolls or to be deleted (Cards | Payroll | Post-Dated Pay Rates).  If you build a payroll (Transactions | Payroll | Build Checks) for a date range including post-dated pay rate effective dates, you will receive a warning:

You can continue processing the payroll if you choose.

Post-dated pay rates can be an excellent way to record pay changes as you receive them and avoid the mad dash to enter changes between payrolls. For assistance with the post-dated pay rate process, please contact our Microsoft Dynamics GP support center at

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