Creating a Test Company in Dynamics GP 2010

There are many ways an organization can benefit from creating test companies. They include:

1.       Testing new configurations of modules

2.       Testing new processes

3.       Troubleshooting problems in the live company by having a replica of the live company

This article focuses on the last example.

To create a test company, there are a number of steps you need to perform. You will need access to the SQL Server system administrator (‘sa’) login information.

First, use GP Utilities to create a new company.

When entering the company name, enter “<TEST>” without the surrounding quotes after the company name.

Mark the option for “Copy access from company” to copy user access from one company to the new company.

Second, make a backup of your live company database and restore it on top of the test company.  Remember to change the physical file name so you don’t overwrite the live database. To perform this option, you will need to use SQL Server Management Studio.

Third, run an SQL script that will update the TEST company tables to have the correct value in the column named INTERID (intercompany ID) in multiple tables.

Fourth, change the ownership of the database to the DYNSA user. This user was created during the installation of the DYNAMICS database and should be the owner of all databases. To set the ownership of the database, run this script.

Fifth, remove existing users from the TEST company. If you don’t, you may get error messages in GP when you try to assign users to the TEST company. You will want to remove them using SQL Server Management Studio.

Sixth, log into GP and provide the users with access to and security permissions for the database.

Consult Knowledge Base articles 872370 and 929601 for more details or contact our Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Center.

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