Hidden Reporting Tools Rundown

Here is information on some of the most commonly forgotten reporting and data access tools available in Dynamics GP.

  • Reports | Letter Writing Assistant
    • Create form letters for customers, employees and vendors
    • A guide wizard walks you through the process
    • Also available from customer, employee and vendor card (i.e., Cards | Sales, Cards | Payroll, Cards | Purchasing) using the “Write Letters” button

  • Reports | Template Configuration, Template Maintenance
    • Create and modify business documents in Microsoft Word
    • Available for selected business forms
    • Can create multiple templates and map to specific customers, classes, etc.
    • Increase formatting/display capabilities using Microsoft Word functionality

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP menu | SmartList | SmartList menu | Export Solutions
    • Couple a SmartList favorite with a specific Microsoft Word or Excel document
    • Run preparation and completions macros in Word or Excel to format results
    • Simplify reporting by formatting SmartList results easily and quickly

In all cases, you can click Help | About This Window to access help, including step-by-step instructions. For more information on these features or assistance in using them, please contact the BKD Technologies support center at gpsupport@bkd.com.

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