Exporting SRS Reports to Excel Using GP 2010 R2

I don’t know if there is a relationship greater than that of an accountant and his spreadsheet. Accountants love to analyze data in Excel, and auditors always request data in formats that can be imported into Excel.

Using SmartList, GP has had the ability to export data to Excel spreadsheets for many years, but SQL Server Reporting Services (SRS) provides native capability to export its reports to Excel.

In GP 2010, users who wanted to export an SRS report from Excel had to follow a lot of steps to accomplish it:

  • Click a series button, such as Sales, on the navigation pane.
  • Click the Reporting Services Reports folder on the shortcut bar.
  • Click a report.
  • Click the link to view it.
  • Enter parameters.
  • View the report.
  • Click the export button and select the format.

GP 2010 R2, released in early May, adds much more power to GP for exporting SRS reports to Excel, and other formats.

To demonstrate this functionality, let’s walk through the steps to export a report called “Accounts Due.”


To export the report to Excel, highlight as shown above.

Click the Export button on the toolbar.


Click Excel, and the report is exported to Excel.

This feature is a result of the integration between SQL Server Report Builder and GP. Enjoy!

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